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At the Smithsonian Air and Space museum Washington are some interesting items that are works of art beyond any oil painting or sculpture see if you agree..

Part of the structure of an airship, look at the elegant way the bracing is made.
a thing of beauty
lovely valve gear
12 Cyl three banks, I bet the crank journals are tiny. that was also the very first thing that Milly thought of as well… maybe

Napier Lion triple four engine, 24 litres DOHC, billet heads, 450 hp, 1918 !

 Head gasket anyone ? Because a turbo two stroke flat twelve diesel is not enough they added a jet engine on the bottom…really 😲 it was extremely fuel efficient better than all but the latest car hybrids,
If you think working on this engine is labour intensive then ->>>>

Napier Nomad is an amazing engine more here 

try lapping the valves on this beauty ….. all 36 cylinders !!!

Lycoming made this 7000 hp monster, read more on this amazing engine here

a bearing in the remote arm of the space shuttle. just this was an amazing bit of engineering ..but look at the wiring loom..pah
also look at the wiring on that….  sloppy work on the Skylab
the PDU ( power Distribution Unit) from Motec is not even close to this, but the wiring is still sloppy, why do the space people do such random wiring?? please let me know, some of it was so tight to apertures that it must rub through at some point.
Oh you want to know what it is?
it’s the PDU for the Hubble telescope that was swapped when they fixed the focus issues. and it is the size of a wardrobe.
Russians are a bit neater but still have a similar style, I always love the green the Russians use.
 Inertial guidance system for the minute man missile, all this now fits on a match head and is solid state.
in the museum was our first GPS… and I sold ours on eBay…dam
I bet no one  guess’s why this panel from the Hubble telescope  has so many holes in it. click the image to see what type of holes they are for a clue.
Lindbergh’s tool kit when he was the first person to cross the Atlantic, no hammer FFS, but it does have a square spanner Chloe 😀
 Looks impressive  , the body work is a bit shoddy but I reckon it could have made some changes to history had it been built a year or two earlier

…. did I mention there was a Blackbird in the hall

Milly let me drive over an hour into a snow storm to look at this, she never tutted and even made me believe she was interested.. I am lucky to have such a wife.
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