Hello guys, I’ve noticed online that one of the most talked about / ranted about subjects on social media is about car accidents/near misses involving horses on the road. So is it the riders or the drivers fault?

Many people always pin it to the driver saying “they were going too fast”  ” they didn’t slow down for us” “They weren’t in control of the car” Well for one they probably did slow down from 30mph to 20mph but it still wasn’t good enough for you clearly. I find this subject makes people’s blood boil as much as when you’re driving down a lane and  push bikers are riding side by side taking up a whole lane and wont move over.

This has never really annoyed me until recently because I was in a situation myself where I came around the corner on a S bend slowly and in front of me there were two old ladies wondering in the middle of the road with no way I could pass as there was no room and for heavens sake I prayed nothing came the other way.  Once I came to a stand still one woman decided to have rant at me for ‘ apparently ‘ being in the wrong so I just laughed and let her get herself to a safe place for me to pass, she then took 5 minutes to get in single file behind the other rider.

At this point it then answered all my questions to why so many drivers are trying to get horses banded from being ridden on the road, after all this situation could of been ten times worse. Ok so maybe the riders do get a  little tetchy at the drivers for maybe “coming too close” or “going too fast past” and I can’t agree anymore that some idiot will probably pass without a care in the world and make you wonder why you came out on the road but surely knowing all the damage that could be done while hacking you are putting yourself and your horse at risk.  After all cars do dominate horse now on the road.

I’m not siding with the drivers on this subject because I both drive and very odd times hack down the back roads. ( like once in a blue moon hack) and I’m very grateful to the drivers that spend that extra minute waiting for me to be in a safe enough spot to pass. I love it when I see posts on facebook saying thank you’s to drivers for helping them out instead of hate towards them all, maybe it’s time to analyse the situation more.

I’d love to hear some of your stories / views on this subject so please leave them in the comments section below.



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