Welcome back guys, so I have been mega busy this last few weeks rebuilding my race car after rolling it on the 2nd July at Stone. ( PHOTOS BELOW)

There was a small amount of damage done to the car, mostly body damage.  I have taken a lot away from this experience and I have turned it around into being a positive outcome, I have spent a lot of time working on understanding the car and the mechanical side to further my knowledge before University.

The rebuild started off with a visit to “Prolinx Suspension ltd” to have my dampers fixed and improved, while I was there I was shown what really happens inside the shocks and how it all works. It felt like Christmas when they returned although It was like a gift from myself to myself. I was completely blown away with the transformation of them and couldn’t be happier.




We now have everything ready and in place to finish the car before attending Green hall on the 6th August (touch wood).




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