Morgan Plus 8 rally car

2023 , What Am I up to? , it has all gone a bit quiet on the blog posts well the reason is..

Actually there are two reasons, One is (NDA,NDA,NDA, ) we built 3 cars for 3 journalists and took them on a holiday to Africa for a month they filmed their adventure and I think Amazon may show it soon.

around the end of the year, I will do a post on that adventure when the NDA is relaxed 😉

But also I have been designing and building two 1980 rally replicas for the East African Safari rally

Here are some images of the build, not much text, sorry but time is really short.

the build team has been great and worked hard, we are all looking forward to a wet and rainy rally in Kenya 🙄

(They are in No particular order)

Morgan wood frame 3D scanned
First tests at a wet Welsh Quarry.
Night of the billion bugs
Share your joy of knowledge with the world..

7 thoughts on “Morgan Plus 8 rally car

  1. Warren lovell

    Hi Beady,
    The work looks amazing, I am just curious about the air filter that you are using. I saw it also on your p38 Overlander build,
    I am in the middle of an M57 conversion on a Nissan patrol and some days I can do up to 800+ km on dirt I previously had a Donaldson Cyclopack fitted but if I went through damp fog in the afternoon the dust in the filter would set like cement! I noticed on the p38 it has the dust vortex tubes
    all the best

    1. Beady

      it’s a donaldson PSD, they do them in vertical and horizontal formats, the honeycomb filter is expensive but NOTHING gets past, they also come with a secondary filter for use when changing the main filter in hi dust enviroments, however we remove this as it drops a couple of HP, and keep it in the cars as a emergany filter should the maain filter get blocked.
      the main filter is not cleanable ( airline) you can bang it out to remove collected dust. they doo much arger sizes we have run this size on teh Desert Wariors for years and on the dyno there is zero hp drop noticable.

      PSD080020 horizontal and PSD080026 is vertical version
      we add a extension so that we can have a snorkel.

      1. Beady

        use a 90 deg Silicon hose onto the OE M57 AFM, put a rubber band cut from a big HD dirt bike inner tube on the AFM first, a jubilee clip will seal it 100%

        1. Warren lovell

          Thanks For the information, it is the little things that chew up time on a conversion, and information like you give just saves days of frustration.

  2. GoMoG

    Wonderful work. However there are little tweaks you can do to improve access.
    Have you addressed the fire danger at the rear?
    Is there any area you need bhp help with?
    From a group of Morgan gurus

    1. Beady

      Hi Gomog Gurus,
      Thanks for the input, all help is welcomed, The CX-T project did mislead us about the ‘features’ that are a blessing on all thing Morgan

      Gearbox : a clutch takes less than 2 hours , the trick is that the floor removes from the base by 6 easy access bolts giving full acces to the cabin from underneath, then then the seats come out very easy and its all simple form then on, the gearbox stays in the car pushed up against the rear bulkhead and then the bell housing is really easy to get at.

      rear fire : There is an FIA FT3 bag tank inside the alloy box, and no handbrake and the back of the axle.

      I would be nice for Mog lovers to get a look over this beauty after the rally, we have spent a lot of time on the design and had a steep learning curve on Morgan suspension (still ongoing).
      In all my classic car, Dakar car, Motorbike racing life I have never met enthusiasts like Mog enthusiasts , they are bread apart . in a good way.

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