The Grand Tour ‘SAND JOB’ bd built

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have a great Adventure in the Sahar on the old Dakar rally route, who best to support them but the UK’s best and most successful Dakar car manufacturer.

The latest episode of the Grand tour released on 16th Feb 2024 features the cars built by me and my mate Paul at Rallyraid UK, and as is customary for all my designs that there are one or two clues about who did the designs 😉


when you watch it see how many you can find

Richard Hammond on the grand tour in Mauritania showing
Spot the bd logos when watching the Grand Tours SAND JB episode

Make a drinking game from watching the show.

When a ‘bd’ logo is spotted, everyone but the person who spots it has to take a shot , you will all be drunk very quickly.



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