Tokyo 2024

At last after being cancelled due to a little covid pandemic we get to Japan.

It’s hot 33 deg C and very Humid, Tokyo isn’t what I expected and I have to say Chloe’s assessment of a piss poor Blackpool would be true if it was raining and cold.

we stayed in Akihabara area for all the nerds and Anime fantasy stuff . The BnA studio hotel was the only one I could find that wasn’t boring and corporate, a theme that really sums up a lot of Japan.

each room is different and designed by local artists, ours was done by the 81 Bastards and was called the responder room.

the country is very , modest, incredibly polite and almost stale, the shine of these tourist areas doesn’t travel further than the small are they exist in.

the lack of traffic is amazing for a big city, they have their moments but again not what I expected.

Sandbach is busier on a sunday night than downtown Tokyo.

typical busy tourist area

Most of the shops are 6 ,7 or 10 stories tall, nothing like anywhere in the world. and they are heaving.

The shop called Yodabashi Camera is big in japan for electronics, the one in Akihabara is call Yodobashi Akiba and is huge, it is an assault on the visual cortex, so many signs and so such stuff the picture above is just gaimng chairs they had a selection of over 100 hair straightener it was crazy and 10 floors high so much stuff..

Storm troopers for sale in Tokyo

I was told I WASN’T buying one of these 🙁

the area is famous for the maid cafe’s and at night the girls come out to talk you into spending a load of money on drinks while they talk to you in silly girly talk. it’s part of the culture, it is not the red light area the advert are everywhere and women use them as well, It is just on of the ways Japan is unique.

There were not so many Fast and Furious cars, which was a bit disappointing but we had lots of time to find these in the rest of the country.

There is a certain vehicle that is 80% of cars in the city and 95% of the cars in the country and t is the Kie cars, small tiny cars that have to fit in a certain space and have a tiny engine.

This is about the best looking K car , they are tiny, with tiny people in them and they drive them sooooo fucking slow. more on this later.

Anime models and stuff are everywhere in every shop it is huge in Japan.

the restaurants are cool they have robot waiters and it works, you soon get used to it,

and seeing how the waitresses use them is amazing, they even delivered a birthday cake while playing happy English !!!

Her dad told her she is not getting another pair of shoes until she wears out the one she has 🙂

we had a trip to Blackpool Tower sorry they call it the Tokyo Tower to look over the huge boring metropolis of Tokyo, there is nothing of interest in the whole city, the imperial palace is not open to the public and then there are just millions of boring buildings.

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