WRC 2022 safari rally

That was the rally in safari Kenya, tough terrain and a very enthusiastic crowd. didn’t do the early mornings but thanks to a good friend we had passes for us and the Dogger, so we gorged on free food and got to view where the riff raff can’t

yet again the Dogger gets 20 people around it, it’s starting to annoy Milly now

I won’t bore you with WRC images there are load of better ones on the internet than i can muster up.

but here few to show we where really there

ford puma WRC Kenya 2022
ford puma WRC Kenya 2022 with smashed bodywork
Gazoo racing pits lake navaisha
M-sport car shipping crates all the way from carlisle
M-sport car shipping crates , bringing quality all the way from Carlisle
Team Hyundai using string technique to track their cars, Just like Rallyraid UK

Below is the shield of the Ford Pumas, there is 6 main components to it, a Kevlar front, Ally base, CNC machined, Carbon support and some steel mounts plus rivets and fasteners. looks like the engineers have been given way too much reins, this could be a simple one-piece item, just as strong and much more reliable… and a shit load cheaper, but then it wouldn’t look as sexy as it does…just lying there provocatively

Team Rwanda, just in case you wondered where Priti Patel was spending your tax money 🙂

And some land rover pics… because …

2 door classic range rover viewing rally safari in kenya
blue 2 door range rover classic in africa

and a UK truck used to ferry tourists back and to from Cape town

bedford military truck in Kenya H387 GBD
Wild camping in our overland land rover Kenya

Our wild camp spot didn’t work out so well, turns out the stage commander didn’t know the rules, a little Cessna flew over and spotted us, and just after dark two rangers turned up and a motorbike and very politely and told us to sling our hook or pay 150 USD and still we had to camp at the main gate.

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