Welcome back , Thank god I got a day off college to go to Aintree it felt like it was almost needed Although I didn’t enjoy the 3am wake up time.

We started the day out with a little discussion with my mum questioning whether we were ready to step it back up to some bigger heights after doing so well the weekend before. However my dad and I both decided it would be beneficial to go and learn from it.

Chloe Jones and Clannad  in the Newcomers at Aintree Elite show
Chloe Jones and Clannad in the Newcomers at Aintree Elite show

Crystal started the day off by warming up in the warm up arena like she had never been to a show before, I tried to keep her calm as possible which was very difficult but quite funny. I knew the moment the went into the ring she would go green and back off fences which is what I’ve discovered recently about her. As she did so she went in the ring with stars in her eyes , But she went around the Discovery foot perfect and jumped double clear and didn’t bother that much with the surroundings which most of my horses have hated aintree’s indoor arena. She then went and did the same in the warm up arena and went into the Newcomers calmer , she jumped clear in the first round and I made a silly mistake taking a long stride into a short distant and paid the price at the ending fence. They build very strong and was probably the biggest course we have jumped together at a show so extremely pleased with the outcome of the day.

Our next show will be Myercough on Wednesday for the 1.05 Scope Qualifier, until then hope you all stay well and enjoy the weekend. Make sure you check out Equestrian world of Maynooth.



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