Well here’s my typical Monday rant which is finally on time and acutely on a Monday.

Some may already have guessed by the title but for others that are reading this while glancing at EastEnders or something like that I mean the people that constantly post the same photo over and over again of their horse or pony with its back end about 1 foot over the fence acting like it’s suddenly won a gold medial in the Olympics.

Don’t get me wrong I love seeing photos of horses with a flashy back end and sky high over fences only when its more natural than sticking pinch boots on with the buckles about to brake and wrapping it a few times to get a good photo that will probably only reach 50 likes on Instagram. I love seeing them once online being posted but not 20 times and the photo isn’t so staged.

Some horses have a natural flashy back end and don’t require any sort of back boots but others that are sometimes a little bit uncareful do but there is a fine line to them I think; Others on the other hand use back boots just for protection.

But it sees to be the younger children that are constantly posting theses photos online, is it the new fashion or a easy way to to show off how good their horse is? Seams to be a competition of who’s horse has a higher back end Instead of the results of the horse.

what are your views of people using pinch boots for a ‘good’ photo??

This post isn’t aimed at anyone personally, thank you for reading.


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