Hello guys , So here’s my normal rant sorry its not on a Monday I forgot to post it last night after spending all day drafting it, anyway …

A very touchy subject to some but many may know the comments I’ve received this past year or so for posting photos of myself riding without a hat. Putting it out there so people don’t go ‘but she doesn’t understand the risk she’s taking’ just to clarify I am well aware of the risk I’m taking and i’m sure the people that choose to ride without certain equipment understand the risk .

Anyway…  I’ve seen quite a few pages recently on instagram with photos posted of horses with riders without riding hats on and the caption being something like “who agrees they should being wearing a helmet at those heights of fences ect” Like it seams to be troubling more minds that people are riding without hats when personally I think they should be caring more about the flooding’s across the UK instead of causing arguments over social media.

At the end of the day they probably will still continue to do it despite your comments and you will have just wasted 2 or more hours of your day arguing and achieving nothing.

Surely riding without tack is just as dangerous in some ways? I very rarely see people ‘hating’ on others for riding without saddles and bridles , So why is it we slate others for riding without a hat? Maybe some people are trying not to come across mean and aggressive when they make theses comments but more trying to look out for a fella Equestrian ? It seams to be health and safety has taken over people’s mind, I’m not saying go around a horse thinking they are all going to be fine but saying everyone must be wrapped in bubble wrap when present of a horse is a bit too far But where is the line drawn at?

Riding without a hat is extremely dangerous and some places don’t accept it just like some livery yards don’t allow liveries to ride without saddles. obviously there is a time and a place for riding without a hat and personally myself I would never dare go out on the road without a helmet as you can’t control what happens. Yet in a closed arena on a horse you have known/ridden for say 5 years I’m sure is a different subject?

Also why is it if someone posts a photo of  themselves in a dress on their horse bare back in a wide open field and without a hat on posing for a photo they get comments like “wow how beautiful” , ” Stunning photograph” “this photo is perfection” yet if someone photos a photo of themselves riding their horse fully tacked up going in a lovely outline they get comments like “where is your hat” “Not setting a good example for your followers” “how do your parents allow this”. The simplest thing could spook the horse while taking the photograph as it could while schooling the horse at home, so why the double standards?

Obviously I can see both sides of why people do ride without a hat and why people are agents it in many ways.( I don’t wish to cause an argument from this post just stating a few facts)

Thank you all for reading and have a safe weekend.

Please feel free to leave a comment in the box below on your views about riding without a hat, Would love to hear some.


5 thoughts on “Classic rant!

  1. I think you have made completely valid points here. It is just as dangerous riding around in a floaty dress (that could spoil your horse) in a wide open field with no hat on. Horses are unpredictable they have a brain a very small brain. But I know from personal experience that I was riding in a field with no hat and my pony had a bronking fit. So just as dangerous right if not more as your in an open field landing on hard ground compared to rubber or sand? It it completely up to Chloe if she wishes to ride without a hat as it is her body and she knows her ponies/horses 10x better than anyone else.
    Sorry for the rant but it annoys me too!

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