So I thought hey let’s recap on what you’ve all missed while I’ve not been blogging… I’m sure you’ve followed little bits on my facebook and Instagram accounts over the year, But lets be brutal on my poor decisions.

So 2019… I spent majority of it in the UAE or on the plane, so why don’t I just move out there right?…

Besides that I did a lot of racing, well attempting… I drove up a few trees and crashed my race car, crashed my road car and then crashed my 4×4… you see a pattern here right? I did a lot of exploring, lost a lot of sleep, tried to catch up on sleep and instead found a new Netflix series to watch. Fell out with a few friends, made some new friends that push me forward.

Started at University again (3rd year), also forgot to do any assignments while I was at uni, now working around the clock to catch up on uni. Decided to treat myself to a bike, now stressing because I never have free time to ride the bike. Wanted to rebuild my race car, can’t decide on a new design..Enter the real world in 4 months, still haven’t found a place to live…

2020 please be kind, actually I don’t care. I’ll make it happen either way… but I’ll fill you all in on what I’m making happen sometime soon, maybe.

Until then, keep chasing your dreams guys.


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