Hello guys, We had a fabulous weekend at South view with Crystal going double clear and 5th in the 1.05 D&H qualifier and then on the Sunday went Double clear and qualified the 1.05 for Scope Festival. With this new bit she has been going better and better; She has now qualified 3 classes for Scope with just one more to get hopefully before she jumps herself out of Discovery…

So many of you have noticed I have switched my style and taken hold of a beautiful new KEP hat over the past few weeks thanks to David from ” Equestrian world” and KEP. I have never ridden in a KEP hat before this so it was a new experience, I really took the hat to the test this weekend at South view as it was the first time i would compete in it. Honestly i couldn’t even tell i was wearing a hat half the time, it is unbelievably light for me this was a brilliant feature as it meant i could concentrate on my riding and not being weighed down or constantly adjusting my hat.

Personalized KEP hat for Chloe.
Personalized KEP hat, Made sure we sparkle at shows.

It made me not only feel stylish but also very safe, it fits perfect onto my head and I’m a huge fan on theses inliners that you can take out and wash and put back in. I think it’s a brilliant feature that theses companies are slowly adding. Definitely am going to stick with my KEP hat for a long while.


If you’re looking for a brilliant deal on a KEP hat please visit Equestrian world of Maynooth as they have some cheap deals right now.



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