Well it wasn’t any news to anyone that we were about to experience some seriously bad weather at some point this month but sadly it had to come down while we all were at Bolesworth.

We arrived midday on Wednesday with lorries already getting dragged onto the field and just abandoned anywhere possible, once we changed our stable so she was able to see out to other horses. We decided to park our lorry as close as possible to the stable which ment parking at the other end of the field, it benefited us as we didn’t have the tractor noises 24/7 trying to drag people out. Thursdays jumping in the grass arena then got cancelled which ment many people got pissed off and left as they were unable to give a 100% answer if we would jump the rest of the week. It was extremely nice of them to then place a clear round in the castle arena after the jumping had finished for all the national riders, Crystal was full of life and so happy to be out of the stable that she couldn’t keep all fours on the floor but that didn’t stop her jumping a clear round.

They then cancelled the second day on grass which ment there was even less national riders left on the showground and another clear round at night was run for us all. They then decided to run the jumping on the Saturday with different classes, This was our second time riding on grass for Crystal and I so we were still trying to find our feet. it didn’t help we couldn’t get stud holes in before the show so we had to jump without studs as well, that didn’t bother us though.

Bolesworth  International , Chloe Jones and Clannad finishing in a close 2nd place.
Bolesworth International , Chloe Jones and Clannad finishing in a close 2nd place.

Crystal then went a jumping an amazing fast double clear in the discovery putting her into the lead for almost all the class until the very last to go which pushed us into 2nd place. I’m not one bit disheartened about it simply because the mare put her all into the round which sadly jumped her out of discovery. She then went into the newcomers which was built pretty technical for the conditions of the ground and just rolled a pole in the first round on a upright running down the hill. On the last day we decided it was best not to jump , the horse walk up to the arenas was horrible ( about 2ft deep in mud ) . Our best decision was to save the mare for another show and get off the field before we had to abandon everything there.

Sadly it wasn’t the weather for the show which I defiantly can say has ruined it for a lot of people and ourselves, We will defiantly rethink before returning next year. Although I must say thank you to the people that worked all week and bent their backs to make sure the horses and our safety was always put first.


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