Once I had an Icht but then I got a cream from the quack.

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So on one campsite it was mentioned that Icht was a cool place to visit.

Well we headed south for the sun and found Icht down on the boarder of Algeria, we also found a nice French run campsite full of overlanders and decided to use it for WiFi and showers and we also found…. Well not very much else, just a very quiet and serene location, however sometimes things do work out .in the end

On the wall of the campsite were some interesting places to visit locally, one was Amtoudi , a grain store set like a castle on a big hill, so off we went. On the way we passed a sign for rock carvings so in we popped ,it was a few KM off the tarmac down a piste to a very neat museum building and some nice locals living at the rear of the very modern toilet block, strange what there is in the desert down here

Do you like what I have done with my tool ?

Some ancient vandals mutilated the lovely rocks 10,000 years ago.

The rock carvings  were dated from 10,000 years ago and were interesting there were also ritual female burial mounds, but the best bit was the local guide told us of a nice track to Amtoudi, result!! It cut the corner and came out just before the campsite with all the plastics on it,


The canyon beside Amtoudi was cut in the rocks was impressive as was the climb up the mountain to see the grain store.





Did we or didn’t we go up there?


Thought for today !, when does graffiti turn into art?

how is it that a sprawled spray-tin paint job on a tram isn’t art but a Banksy is.?

a scratched horse on a rock in the desert is priceless ancient artefact and national treasure , the one did today is just vandalism.


Tight villages in Morocco ?, you won’t get your truck 4×4 motorhomes here.

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small villages in morocco

This video is from the dashcam in the TARDIS, it has a near 130 degree viewing angle so makes this look wide but it wasn’t it was nearly touching the wing mirrors, we didn’t know if there was an exit we could fit through and there where no tyre marks to guide us, it did end in an amazing oasis/wadi with palm trees and flowing water.





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De ja vu


something strange this way comes…..

so yesterday a Dodge 50 RB44 and an Iveco roll up, how spooky

the owner of the Iveco is Kev moody long time no see from Dakar 2006.

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My office view for the day #1235

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Milly got out of bed to do something women really enjoy doing,  washing, cleaning etc 🙂  they must like it! They are at it all the time ( let the firestorm begin..comments below please) and so the TARDIS performs its trick of being all things to Milly and I, the wind was blowing, the drizzle was falling, the snow was teasing the mountain tops, but the sun was illuminating my bed and here I dreamily sat learning HTML5 data storage systems for my next new project, perfect, well until ‘little miss ants in her knickers got bored’ which was roughly 5 mins after she realised I was enjoying slobbing around reading my kindle, so up and at em as they say.

Ho hum of to the seaside we go. Except she knows the shopping is good in Tafroute…damm

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Don’t go to Morocco for sand and sun.

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Because Morocco is so much more, we awoke in the amazing valley of rounded rocks and high mountains that surround Tafroute to this…

  1. Hot Sunshine
  2. Palm trees
  3. Sand
  4. Empty peaceful campsite
  5. And it had snowed in the night and we were just below the snow line.
  6. And a rainbow on the campsite.

And here is the picture of it all in one frame if you don’t believe me.

When travelling around randomly the sights you see cannot be planned in a Travel agents office they are amazing because you don’t expect them.

This is not lense flair it was actually in the sky.

Look at this Moon halo 22 degree from a desert camp a week ago just to prove the point. This looked like a portal to the starts, fantastic, the picture does not do it justice in anyway.

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A secret piste to a bygone age in the hills.

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After we had a night of Glorious heat and sunshine (rain and wind) on the mountain side next to the unusual wadi, Milly decided that the intense blue sky and searing heat ( rain , wind and low cloud) that she wasn’t keen on a 6000ft mountain pass of unknown condition, after a good 30 minutes of BD sulking she realised the cliff edge of unknowns was going to be a better day than a sulky husband.

What a fantastic track, no traffic, very tight and steep and passed through dense alpine type forests and through villages that still have no electric, satellite dishes or paint on the walls ( which is now very rare in Morocco),

This was the only easy bit on the entire track!!

Nice view from the office window

we exited 50km later on a wadi crossing with some decent water


and set off to our camp ground next to a strange amazing abandoned castle on the edge of a reservoir.

Due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. a full on rain storm which was amazing in its own right but not helpful for a peaceful pretty campsite in the woods, we reluctantly we drove to Taganoute, which should have been Tafroute, so we drove to that instead, after 7 hours driving, a mountain pass of snow and high winds we camped on a municipal campsite on the outskirts of a heavily upgraded Tafroute.

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Geology of Morocco

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The scenery is varied in Morocco but some is just amazing and random, take this wadi we camped above at the base of a great mountain track.

All the land around is sandy coloured earth with sandstone rocks, but the water has produced a perfect grey base from somewhere and there are no sandy coloured rocks in it, it looks manmade and unreal, you would think there would be a small amount of colour cross contamination but there is none, perfect right to the edge.

Stripy mountains

The second was this striped rocks high into the mountains , the reds, greens , sand coloured and grey can easily be seen, it looks like some avant garde art project for a city, but nature does it so much better.

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