Hello guys , so I’s been a while since I’ve wrote on here and I have I good reason why. I’ve been sunning it up in Egypt for 12 days, but now I’m back into reality and putting my focus back in gear I thought I would give you all a something different.
I’m going to share some of my TOP TIPS for packing for sleep over shows, plus a few don’t do’s , seams the summer season in now in full swing this might be very helpful to all , defiantly if you’re returning to the sleep over shows. Nothings worse than forgetting something important.
• Depending on how organised you are, writing down a list of what you will need prior to the week of packing will give you time to remember all the things you will need and can start to put things in place. This will help while at the shows because you will have a full list of what you have packed as well as when you get home for unpacking you can see what you have lost and will need replacing for last time.
• Place things in piles, if you’re using boxes to store things in while transporting the horses to the show put similar objects in the same boxes e.g rugs in one box, feed and feed supplements in the same box.
• If you need something until the day you leave like a wheel barrow or shavings fork put a little star next to it on your list and maybe a note to remind yourself that you need to place it in the truck. Nothings worse than turning up to a 5-day show without a shavings fork…
• It’s always best to over pack, you can never have enough things e.g rugs never know how the weathers going to change, the stables could be poor and have huge drafts in them meaning the horses to get cold. Something could happen meaning you have to stay an extra night or so , always best to carry more food as you can always bring it home with you.

Don’t do’s

  • Don’t leave your training to the very last days, time the training for weeks before the event leading up to it with the last prep of training a few days before the show.
  • Don’t over push your horse on the first day of the show, if you’ve spent the day before traveling do expect your horse to be a little bit tired so ensure they are able to get the best nights sleep as possible the night before.


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